Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fin Teeter on Saturday Standard

Here is a series of Photos taken at the trial on Saturday of Fins Teeter. I thought they were fun. The pics were taken by Dog Gone Digital.

This first one Fin is running to the end of the teeter, she is almost to the end and it is still at full height, just starting to go down.

Here she is at the end and the teeter is making downward progress. I like how she is working hard to ride the teeter. Head down and shoulders bent.
Here is where she starts to get a little stiff legged. I still like her position. She is really working hard to hold on.

This photo cracks me up. Her tail hasn't quite caught up with the rest of her. I feel I'd like her legs to be a little more bent to take the impact that is about to come (still about 3-4 inches off the ground).
She ended with legs bending to take the impact (don't have that pic) and then stepped into 2o2o position.
I'm proud of her teeter. She was TERRIFIED of the teeter and the bang when we started teeter work more than a year ago. She mastered the bang game before I started her on her run to the end and let it drop behavior.

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Trish said...

And the whole time she's in the saftey yellow zone!

That's my finners!