Monday, March 30, 2009

Fitness for Agility

I haven't spoken much about fitness lately. When people ask, I say, "I'm working at it...I'm trying hard." The truth is, I've been great about not so much.

Recently I went back to Weight Watchers. Even though I went back and was writing down what I was eating, I wasn't really applying myself. I'd eat fast food and put it down in my journal, but would not look at the points. Simply put, I've been screwing up on my eating. Not everyday mind you, but enough that I essentially keep loosing the same 5 pounds over and over.

Last week I go in to get weighed and there was a new leader. Something clicked. Something about her made me want to stay for the meeting. So I stayed. It was the same old stuff...but different. She is real. She speaks to me as an adult. I can hear sincerity in her voice. The meeting was I stayed after to hear the talk on how to do the program. Nothing new there, but heck, I like her.

Another thing happened. I watched biggest looser. The gal that got sent home, gained weight when she went back. I felt so bad for her...then I thought, you are no better. Get your act together and get fit!

So this week. I am religiously writing down what I eat. I am choosing healthy options. I am eating within my points. Yesterday I was sorely tempted...and I passed. It is a new me. Exercise AND eating right.

For me each hour is a struggle, but I'm working very hard to be at a goal weight of 40 pounds off (from my starting weight) by my birthday. It is certainly achievable. I had hoped to be 40 pounds off by now, but my own bad habits have gotten in my way. I am proud that I've been proving to myself that I can do it.

I'm going back to my weekly report each thurs. I'll weigh in not only on my progress, but also what is getting me there. Look forward to some recipes and fitness tips. This thurs I've got to tell you about my turkey, red beans, and rice. Only 5 points for a full cup of delicious and filling lunch. Today I did a halibut on the pan with brown rice and veggies...yum!

Nothing is harder than taking charge of one's own life. It is much easier to tell other people what to do than to do something about one's own inconsistencies toward goals. My long term goals are what is important...not this short term gratification. Size 7 here I come!

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I brought my lunch today!!! No Twinkie temtations!