Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Such a Diva

Fin received her first real injury today. She gets the award for dramatic acting.

At first I was mystified as to what happened, but I believe now (thanks Trish) that it was a bee sting.

Scenario: I am watering my flowers, she is running around like a lunatic. Then, no Fin. I look over and she is laying on the grass looking at her foot. I go to see what is going on, she looks worried, stands up and hobbles on 3 legs into the house.

Once I get her, I can't see a thing. I finally notice something on the side of her foot and pull it (not an easy thing with a wiggling, squirming, bundle of scared pup). I was confused? Was this the problem. I notice that her paw was hot so I let her stand in the pool. Finally I brought her inside and put her in a crate (I had to work). I look at her in the crate and she is laying on her side holding her paw in the air.

I can NOT believe this. I broke her already. We don't even have a starters title!

After speaking with my sister, I realized what I pulled from her foot was probably a bee stinger. I gave her some benedril and she seems better now. She is sleeping and not holding up her leg anymore. If she continues to

Update 3/23 9 pm. Fin is fine. Foot is good. I'm convinced it was a bee sting. Sleeping it off the afternoon she was fine by class at 6:30. She ran a bunch of jumpers runs and not a thing wrong with her. I'm so relieved.

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