Monday, May 11, 2009

Counting Psychic's

Fin and I took a road trip. Traveling north east to the eastern side of the Sierra is an adventure. Doing it and getting to do dog agility as well is a mind blowing excursion.

I purposely set my travel plans to drive through South Shore Lake Tahoe. I have fond memories there as Kel and I got Married at the Chapel of the Bells 21 years ago.

What I hadn't planned on nor expected was the number of Psychics selling their services along the way. Business must be booming. The first one I saw was outside Placerville. I'm now convinced that Psychics are like cockroaches (of which I also saw a few this trip, to my disgust), for everyone you see, there are probably 100 more out there.

The first Psychic was in a tiny little hut just off to the right of the gas station. A pretty sky blue building with fanciful text and a large tarot card announced their business. Then as I drove through each small little group of inhabitation (couldn't really call them towns) I began to observe that almost every time there were a group of buildings and gas station, there was a Psychic. I started to play a game I called "count the Psychics." By the time I got to my hotel in Carson City (with a psychic across the street) I counted 11. In Carson City alone there were 3.

This was from Placerville to Carson City (about 2.5 hours)...that's a Psychic every 13.5 minutes!

I'm not really sure why there were so many. Why highway 50 seems to draw Psychics, but obviously, they are able to scrap a living up there (perhaps there is some correlation to skiers and psychics).

I didn't visit a Psychic this trip. Fin and I just did the agility show...we didn't need to see our future, we know our future is lots of Q's and loads of fun.

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LW said...

No Way!...Chapel of The Bells....that's where I got hitched!