Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fitness for Agility

It is Thurs so it must be Fitness for Agility!

This week was a little tough. Hard to find focus. I ate every point available to me. I was having to force myself to track my food. But I kept at it. Worked out 6 days. Lost .8 pounds.

I'm not disappointed. I knew I wasn't loosing this week. I had 3 fabulous weeks of weight loss and felt all week like I wasn't getting anywhere. I really feel that the work outs yesterday and this morning sorta kicked everything into gear.

This week I want to expand my creativity and think more about what I'm eating. I was doing a really good job planning everything, and this last week I found I was more seat of the pants which allowed for eating then tracking...rather than tracking then eating. When you eat before you track it allows for "creative eating" which is NOT good.

Goals for this week:
-Work out 5 times (I'll be at a dog show S/S)
-Plan all my meals, eat what I plan
-Get creative. Find a new recipe and get out of my eating rut.
-Go for more hikes

What are you doing this week for your health?

1 comment:

Trish said...

I'm attacking the weeds in the yard.

I got slow and soft. They think they have me cornered. But I've been working out. I will beat them back !!!!