Monday, May 25, 2009


Sunday found Fin and I in lovely Ben Lomond for the Heart Dog Agility Snooker Seminar. Jim Basic was our seminar leader and the consensus was that all the dogs were better than we thought they would be.

Jim gave us handouts of our exercises (always a good thing) and spoke about what the three most important things in agility are:
  • Position
  • Position
  • Position

The first exercise, Jim set up three jumps and we had to call our dogs through the gap. The gap was decreased until only about 24 inches wide.

Sydney enjoyed herself. Her and her mom were very successful today.

There was alot of action with multiple dog/handler teams working at a time. I was surprised that the dogs were so well behaved. Fin was only one of two dogs that did any visiting.

As the day progressed the exercises became more difficult. Here Janet is calling Teak through the gap of obstacles. This also got harder and we moved the tunnels so they were facing the dog and closed the gap somewhat. All the dogs were successful.

After lunch a Snooker course was set up. Jim took a position in the shade to assist s with our handling. We all did really well.

The dogs enjoyed the show as much as we humans.

More walking of Snooker courses.

As the sun came out, it became shorts weather.

Some of us needed an afternoon nap after all the hard work.
We were able to do two full courses. I found after lunch, Fin and I lost our mojo. We had alot of trouble getting through the courses. Me being tired and Fin not.

All in all a fun day.

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Trish said...

someone needed a nap after lunch...?

Great photos!