Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fitness for Agility

2.4 pounds! Yippiee, yahoo, giggles...lots of giggling.

So, I enter my new weight in my online weight tracker. My reward? My points have adjusted and I now get to eat less. It is a sad, sad, comentary that as you loose weight, you actually have to eat less and exercise more. I guess it isn't much of a mystery after all.

Here's what I've learned in the last 7 weeks. (Laura I know you will laugh.)
  1. Eat healthy foods. Eat lots of healthy foods. Healthy foods are less points and you can eat more. Don't eat white bread or pasta. Eat whole wheat. Carbs are good, white is bad.
  2. Water. Drink LOTS of water. Diet coke is ok, if you drink tons of water.
  3. Exercise. It isn't enough to go and walk. You need to push yourself and each time should be hard. As you exercise, what you used to do becomes easier. Don't do that any more. Get out of your comfort zone. Exercise should be uncomfortable.

This week has been a ho hum emotional week. I have struggled every meal. Each day I have had to force myself to go exercise and while I've been exercising I've had negative thoughts. It has been tough. But what I did was just go do it. Each meal I just said, this is what I do. Each step I said, this is what I do. I am sure glad this week is over.

Last night was a turning point. I got home from star trek and realized I had a positive attitude. I was looking forward to my WW meal I planned. I had a smile on my face.

Emotions. Gotta love em. Hormones. Crap.

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Trish said...

I cry alot. Not loke sobing but my eyes water alot. I call it alergies... it's hormones! I understand! Keep it up.