Monday, May 4, 2009

More Agility? You Betcha!

Could my blog be more boring? I don't think so. Bayteam hosted an agility trial in lovely Prunedale (yes same location that SMART just had their trial). I was only able to go on Saturday, but Laura was kind enough to take Fin Sunday (and got 3 of her 4 Q's of the weekend!). Fin Q'd in Standard, Gamble, Pairs, and Jumpers...I got the pairs run...Laura, all the rest.

Tazzie ran on Saturday and although he didn't Q, had two really fun nice runs. The first one was his finest (except for the 12 seconds he took to down on the table!). I think running him at less trials and in fewer classes at the trials is working

Can you say "Tunnel Suck"

Fin had really nice runs, this standard run was great...except for the tunnel off course. :) Still, she and I are working on all our Q's and this week will be alot of tunnel discriminations.

Fitness for agility is still on track. I wore my pedometer for the first time ever at a dog show. I walked 21,000 steps which turns out is about 9 miles! Amazing. Wearing it made me want to walk more. I guess being in 3 different rings, parking far away, and having bathrooms in no mans land pays off. I did find that I was outta gas for that last GP run of the day (5pm) but other than that, felt great.

Lastly, my friend Laurie taped Laura running Fin in Jumpers on Sunday (sorry for those who can't see youtube):

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