Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On the Road Again

I am simply a roady to the rock band the Holy Mackerel!

This weekend we are booked in the hot spot that is Carson City. What happens in Carson City, well...nobody cares. I've never been, but many of my friends tell me the trial site is wonderful. I plan to leave early Friday to miss the traffic. On Sunday we'll head on home after grand prix.

A very small trial, we should have plenty of time to find some hiking spots and lots of photos.

It is only Wed, but I'm already packing in my mind.

In preparation, worked on rear crosses and distance weaves. I found out today that Fin has trouble completing the weaves if I'm laying on the lawn or kneeling down. She likes me standing for those :) I'll need to work on that. Never know when one might want to kneel for a prayer during a set of weaves... a short prayer...

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Trish said...

What fin likes is group participation. She takes a jump, you take a jump. It's all fair