Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Hike

Harvey Bear Ranch, only a 10 minute drive from home (ok really it is 15 - that's why I'm always 5 minutes late when I'm meeting someone there). Saw a couple friends and their dogs as I was driving in (they had just finished their walk) but today was just Fin and I hitting the trail.
Are we there yet? No grasshopper, lots of hills to go.

We are still optimistic as we head to the first gate and see cows on the hill. We have lots of climbing to do.
Frist view of the sky and Morgan Hill. Still lots of climbing to do.

Not there yet grasshopper. Not too much farther, but we haven't gotten to the top yet.

We are there!
1.8 miles to the trail head. Now we turn south and head back to the car. 2.2 miles to go.
And look. It is down hill! Time for a jog....
More cows.
Future friends?

We did 4 miles today. Fin held up great. Interesting that on the uphills she was a dragger but once at the top and we started jogging, she was right in front.


Trish said...

Does fin know that cows eat puppies yet?

vici whisner said...

She suspects. There was a very interested white cow that was scaring me a little. That's ok, just makes us walk faster.