Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How much is too much...

how much is too little?

During my workout today, my fitness trainer was concerned that I was not eating enough. He finds it interesting that I'm working out alot and not loosing very fast. I eat alot. I eat my max WW points everyday. So I ask myself. If I have 24 points and I earn 5 for my work out, does that mean I should eat 29 points that day? That's like a whole nuther meal! And, what kind of calories should those points be used for (carbs, protein, sugars)? Is it important?

Well I'm going to ask this Thurs and see what they say.

How about dog agility? How much is too much. Is your workout balanced between training and play (some trainers will say that training should be play - but come on...playing catch...).

So I'm looking at my training plan for Fin and I realize I need more hikes, snuggles, and wrestling in there. I certainly don't want her little brain to explode.

So this week, I'm watching what I eat, making sure I'm eating enough, working out, and playing more with my pups. I'm going to call this my puppy zen time.

I expect BIG results.

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Anonymous said...

I think I spend more time hiking and playing than practicing. When I do practice I try to keep it short and make it count. Good Luck in Carson City!