Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fitness for Agility

Seems to be working. THREE pounds today. :) A BIG old happy face.

I have changed up my cardio a little. I had been interval jogging/walking at 4.2 miles per hour. Last week I decided to push it and started for 1 minute at 5 miles per hour (I walk around 3.8). I couldn't believe that I was able to do 5 mph. So now I walk 5 minutes and run 1 minute.

Today after my work out David says, "go jog for 12 minutes." I'm like 12 minutes! So I put it at 4.0 miles per hour and took a steady jog. It wasn't fast, I didn't loose my breath, but I actually jogged the entire time.

So if anyone tells you to just stick with the exercise because it gets easier...they are either lying or they have no idea what they are talking about. It never gets easier because you have to constantly up it. However, I will say that it does become motivating. I am finding the more I do, the more confidence I am getting to try more.

This week wasn't the easiest week ever. I had my family down for a birthday. My goal was to not have any food go into my mouth that I couldn't put a point value on. So I cooked. I had lamb, chicken, and veggie skewers, brown rice, strawberries, angel food cake, and non fat whipping cream. For starters I made baked won tons and mini pizzas.

The food was really good and I felt totally satisfied (next time I need more of it - family could have eaten more).

The hardest part of my whole fitness for agility is the consistency. I'm only accountable to myself.

I've lost weight before, but not like this. I have NEVER written down so consistently what I'm eating and eating healthy...not just pretending to eat healthy. Always in the past I have looked forward to my weigh in day cause I could "take the day off" and eat anything I want. Then soon I would do the same the next day...into the 3rd day...and then I won't want to go and weigh in knowing that I've gained.

This time around, I feel like a different person. I sure hope this person stays around for a while.

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