Monday, April 6, 2009

Dixon Eats Canopies For Lunch

Was at Dixon on Sat for AKC fun.

I personally saw three well built canopies fall to the wind gods. Honestly I didn't think it was that windy. Seemed worse two weeks ago. But gotta love Dixon and it's canopy eatting ways.

I just worked out of the car...brick houses and all.

Fin was her fabulous self.

First run of the day was at 9:15. Jumpers. A nice flowing course with a couple challenges that Fin ignored. Jumped beautifully, weaved beautifully. Miss read one rear cross (I wasn't where I wanted to be so my fault) and Q'd in first place.

Next run was followed by 5 hours of waiting. We walked the course at 3:05. Fin ran at 3:45. I read Carl Hiaasen, volunteered to work, walked Fin, ran arond with Fin, talked to people, watched Fin sleep, played with Fin in the water, pulled out the chuck-it, ate my packed lunch, walked some more get the picture.

Standard was a fun course. Fin worked really hard and one small refusal (my fault) Fin Q'd with second place.

HiMark's Holy Mackerel! NA, NAJ

So cool. She's got letters! Next...the stick. We want the stick!

Note for fitness for agility: No fast food for 12 days and counting :)


Trish said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What to go! See you this weekend.


Trish said...

what is NA, NAJ.

I've thought of things all night but none of them really sounded fast... Not active.. not agile.. non attentive...

nope those won't work

vici whisner said...

NA - Novice Agility Dog
NAJ - Novice Agility Jumpers Dog