Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fitness for Agility is Back!!!

Went to work out this morning then off to weight watchers. Meeting was about eating right for spring holidays.

Not too hard for me to eat right at parties. Not going for fast food is my problem!

So I weigh in, and as expected, I got a GREAT number. Moving in the right direction. I even think my double chin is looking a little smaller day by day!

Goals this week. Have a daily workout plan. Abstain from all fast foods (even if that means giving myself a little treat at home). Write everything in my plan and don't go over points.

There were moments this week that were really difficult. One day, I started to drive for fast food, made a U turn and headed home, made another U turn headed back to the fast food...then made myself turn around and go home. I was really happy once I was inside the house. Why, oh why did I do that? THREE U turns! Think about the green house gasses I'm causing with my wishy washy ways.

The good news is that I made it. I also did not rush out to McDonalds after the weigh in to celebrate my weight loss. Usually my thang.

I'm the queen of excuses. But here's the deal. I've got eight months before the USDAA Nationals...even if I could loose 50 more pounds by then, I would be thrilled! Of course old whats her name on biggest looser lost 89 pounds in 3 months at home, came back to campus and gain 5...but for me 2 pounds a week will be a good thing (with an extra pound here or there to help out).

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Trish said...

Winter is over. Got to look at ourselves again. The work begins.