Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little rain must fall

Got up and after a busy morning drove up to agility class. Got there. No one there.

hummm....is someone trying to tell me sumptin?

Called home and Kel looked up on the website and "No class do to impending rain."

Ok, I'm here. The rain is not. What do I do. I think I'll work the dogs! :)

I figured, it is better to ask for forgiveness...so I pull Tazz out and start working him. Fin gets a turn. Tazz gets a turn...and here comes Jim... "Someone didn't check the message boards..." Yup..that would be me. I let him know I'll rent the field and he's like, fogetaboutit! I'll work on one end, you work on the other. Nice.

After working the dogs, head down the hill. Ah Ha...here comes the rain.

I don't know how this weekend will go, Fin's weaves are not the best...but her contacts are "fintastic!" Tazzies weaves are pretty darn good...his contacts are not there.


Trish said...

So when he reads your blog and find out you did read the message boards... but too late...

Trish said...

Today... do to a cable being sliced, my sister is out of reach.. No land or cell phone, no inter or intranet, no tweeter or facebook can connect us. Not even a sweet bark from Rocky.

So here I sit a bit stressed a bit vulnerable. I realize how much our close one's ground us and keeps us on our daily track.

It's like and addiction that I can't get a fix of.

Now had I not heard the news that the connection was cut, or been to busy to try and call, or if I had reached her when I did call last ngiht, I probably would not be having these feelings right now.

But alas.... I can only worry. It's out of my control.

I'll leave the interent light on for you sis!

come back soon