Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lessons Learned

I learned today that much of my family and friends believe me to be nuts, wacko, crazy, and a little touched. Perhaps it is this exciting life I lead. Perhaps they are very busy and have stresses in their lives that they forgot this was April Fools day. Whatever, it brings joy to me that I am in the fast lane for achieving my goal to be a nutter by the time I'm 70.

I'm not going to name names...however, below is the email I sent out:

"Well, I now am the owner of a flock of chickens. I’m fixing up the old duck pen in the back and hopefully will have eggs soon.

I was driving down in Hollister and this big flock was in the middle of the road. One of the chickens was dead and all the others were milling around. I stopped and pulled out a dog crate and got all the chickens to go inside (5). I drove up the closest driveway and asked about ownership of the chickens, but the people there didn’t know who owned them, but were really impressed I got 5 chickens in a dog crate.

I didn’t know what to do. Fin was in the other crate and DID NOT like the chickens at all. She lay down staring suspiciously at the chickens as far on the other side of the crate as she could.

The chickens were pretty loud on the way home. They are now safely in the duck pen for the night (getting them out there was an adventure). Do you think I’ll have eggs in the morning?

Kel doesn’t know about the chickens yet. He is at rehearsals late tonight and I’ll probably go to bed before he gets home.

Ahh the joys of country living.


PS: can chickens have eggs without a rooster? As far as I know I don’t have a rooster in the bunch…just a group of white chickens. Now that would be a sad state of affairs if I have 5 roosters…I don’t even want to think about it."

I must give credit where credit is due. My mother and older sister figured it out immediately (ok maybe they thought for a few minutes), but I got an email asking if it was april fools from each of them. I believe they figured it out so quickly because they are devious and were trying to think of something good themselves.

No one else figured it out.

I received many emails and 2 phone calls. A couple people emailed with chicken raising advice. Some thought I should get rid of the chickens and one wanted me to take them to the vet. One said, "Do you realize you've stolen someones chickens!" Two emails explained what the specifications should be for a chicken coop. One friend was stressed over how we would keep the dogs away from the chickens. And my favorite was a friend who thought this was my plot to get chickens so I could do clicker training with chickens.

All in all a GREAT april far no one has got me and I got alot of laughs.


Trish said...

ahhh, clicker tracking with chickens. So when you go home tonight and find chickens in the duck pen.... was this all a dream or ...????

Trish said...

Is your website gone for good?