Friday, April 24, 2009


Salinas Monterey Racing Team (SMART). My first agility club. Two USDAA shows a year. This one I secretary. April...time for watching the mail box, organizing entries, accepting checks, worrying over details, and basically hoping for the best.

A few tips when you are entering dog shows.
  • Don't send the trial secretary a black entry with a check and ask them to pick a couple classes for you. She will call you and tell you that you must decide.
  • Don't ask the trial secretary 2 weeks after the closing and the day before the big show whether you can enter, she might flip out on you.

So tomorrow is the true test of whether I did it all right. Fortunately for me, we have the "SUPER" secretary and all around good citizen at this trial "Karey." who is bringing her computer and printer...just in case. With me...there is always the possibility that I screwed something up...I'm always surprised when the trial goes smoothly.

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