Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is It April?


A fine number.

Yet, perhaps not a number I'd expect to see as a temperature in April. Yet, this week, 107 on Monday.

Today is supposed to cool off. Friday, totally cool. Saturday (the day of our SMART trial), rain. Some of you might find this humorous. Some might not like that it will rain at our trial. I, well I welcome the rain. Rain is normal for April. 107...not normal.

Last night I drove down to Hollister for some fun agility. 94 at 5:45pm. Hmmm. I'm thinking. Do I really want to do this? Yes of course. By 6:30 it was cooling. By 7:15 it was refreshing. By 8:00pm we were all thinking about sweatshirts.

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