Monday, April 13, 2009

Lost Communication, fitness for agility, and a four day dog show

What happens when you aren't able to blog for a week? There is alot to say. Here it is in a nutshell:
  • Thurs morning, get up, remember I have Space Monkey. Take all pups outside.
  • Take socks out of Space Monkeys mouth. Take Kels pen out of Space Monkeys mouth, Take important tax papers out of Space Monkeys Mouth....etc.
  • No internet. Did I pay the bill?
  • Off to work out. Did my last chance workout. Felt I didn't loose anything, but felt good that I stuck to it this week. Weighed in, lost 3.6! Woo hoo! Yippiee Hi Ho! Learned in the meeting that the ww program is seven days a week. Hmm.. before I always thought it was six. Don't you get to eat anything you want after you weigh in? Maybe that has been my downfall. Renewed energy. Stay with it 7 days a week.
  • Came home, no internet, no home phone, no cell phone. Nada. Did I not pay any bills? What is next?
  • Kel listens to the radio (at least I paid the PG&E), somehow an important communication cable was cut. Thank goodness, I knew I paid those bills!
  • Pack up Van and off to Dog Show. Arrive for a fun 3 nights in Laura's camper. She won with Brazen! Always good to hang out with a winner. Ate healthy soup in the trailer and went to bed.
  • Friday - First day dog show. Fun, Fun, Fun, Q, Q, Q, then a couple NQ thrown in so my head doesn't get to big. (dinner healthy yummy lamb chops with veggies...OMG what a nice reward for sticking to program all day and not eatting one of those burritos people were walking around holding with reverence).
  • Sat - Q, Q, Q. First day EVER Q'd in everything! Whooppie. Dinner with friends. Food not so memorable, friends totally rock!
  • Sun - NQ, Q, Q. Had a fun pairs run with the super wonderful Gustavo! Black dogs rock! Home around 5:30. Usually I stop and get a hamburgar and fries for the ride home...maybe even a cookie or two. Drove home eatting grapes and diet coke. I'm very proud of myself.

Videos are available on you tube. I'll post a few here today for my sister who can't see youtube :)

A fun few days. Fitness - on track. Internet - on track, dog show - totally rockn!

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Cedarfield said...

Congrats on the great weekend--food-wise as well as agility-wise!