Thursday, April 2, 2009

A little peek at bark night.

I know you people over in Watsonville have dirt night, but we on this side have ourselves some bark night. Listen to the video and you'll hear why bark night is double the bark!

First video is part of a run with Fin. Starts out with a super duper weave pole AND excellent reward from me...ok maybe I should have thrown the toy earlier, but truthfully I wanted to make sure she exited correctly. Then a nice dog walk...with some Simpsons references ending with a wide turn to the tunnel.

Second video is pure joy. Laura running Wynn. Such a super team. Poetry in motion...except for that one knocked bar (pick up your feet Wynnie!). Laura is styling with that hat.

All in all a GREAT fun night. Some evil laughing from Rob made us feel extra special.

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