Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fitness for Agility

Just the facts mam. 1.2 pounds.

So since I rebooted my fitness program, I'm down 11.2 pounds. Not a bad thing...a good thing. Do I want to loose 5 pounds a week. Yep. But quite frankly, I'm thrilled that I am now 30 days no fast food.

I am stunned that I have been able stay away from fast food. I drove home last night from agility class and did not even think about McDonalds until I was already home. And that thought was, "Wow, I didn't even think about it!"

Fitness. Check. Worked out hard this week.

Next week: More of the same. Hopefully the scale will reward me, but I'm not getting discouraged. I'm getting more determined.


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Bravo, Vici! You have determination that is wonderful and admirable! Way to go!!!