Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Missing Blogs

  • Nope, the blogs have not gone missing. I've been remiss. Very busy.

    SMART (salinas monterey racing team) had it's annual spring trial last weekend. I act as the secretary. This involves:
  • Working on a database and entering all competitors entry information. Changing that entry information for multiple people and their dogs multiple times.
  • Sending out lots of emails to ensure that everything is alright.
  • Once all info is in, I then post the info out on the share drive, and change a bunch of stuff when people find mistakes.

At some point, I've got to stop making changes. This includes all the people that want to enter late. The only thing I hate about this job is that people will try to enter after the deadline. I've had individuals that try to enter a day before the trial. It is very hard for me to say no.

Once I say, "this is it, you've got to do the running orders," the fun begins. I have the enviable task of pairing up all the dogs for the pairs classes. For me, another stressful but fun job. I want everyone to be happy, but not everyone will be. Once the pairs are up, I print out all the running orders, check to make sure people who are running multiple dogs are far apart, and post everything up to our website.

Then I make changes as people call and say that they are not in the correct class (this should have been caught on the first posting...but what are ya going to do?).

It is now two days before the trial.

  • All docs need to be printed
  • The score sheets have to be created (1 label per score sheet 6-9 runs per dog per weekend, 230 dogs = 1000-2000 labels need to be put on small squares of paper).
  • Once all the labels are stuck, they are organized by level and class and placed in their proper folder in ring boxes.
  • A bunch of other stuff also has to go into the ring boxes including official score sheets from the USDAA, ERB documents, workers schedules, running orders, etc.
  • Day of the show: just a little stress. Is get everyone entered correctly? Will the score sheets be in the proper order. Do the rings have what they need?

Was there a few problems. Yep. Always will be. But goodness it was easy this year. After the first two hours on Saturday, I actually started to relax. A good feeling. Yep, I made a couple mistakes, and of course, competitors had made a few mistakes. But overall, this was the smoothest the paperwork has gone.

Today I run the numbers and deliver checks to our treasurer on Thurs.

Tomorrow all paperwork is shipped to USDAA (I've posted the results and competitors have a couple days to check their results to make sure everything was recorded correctly).

A HUGE thanks to Laura who, despite having to deal with a dog requiring surgery last week, is the "Label Master" and helped a great deal this week.

Whew...another one bites the dust....oh, how'd you do you ask? Well...

Fin got her AD title this year (my one goal for her this trial)...not alot of other Q's, but fun runs. Tazzie had a great Q's, but it is nice to see him happy and running around enjoying himself. His fav thing? Leaping of the dog walk one toenail shy of the yellow zone (@#$%$). Oh well.

Taking a break with my buddy Rob.


Trish said...

sunscreen! Where's the sunscreen!

team small dog said...

Wow good job on AD!